Tuesday, October 25, 2011

woyww - making cards

Relaxing and making cards.  Desk a little messy with cardstock, ribbons and a few of the watercolour stamping flowers .  This is a technique I always use when I want to make some pretty cards.  Great for birthdays, sympathy or thank you cards.  Every time I make a batch they get used quickly.
A close up of the almost finished card.  Still room to put on a sentiment and then I move on to the next.  Probably time to think of Xmas cards and not leave it to the last minute!!!  I do like to kid myself.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

woyww - view of a room

Not a lot on my desk today.  Just a book that I was repairing and turned to alcohol inks to match the colour on the binding.  I don't use alcohol inks a great deal unless it is a home  DIY project.  The pic is really just a broad shot of my craft room as the sun was setting so a little dark.  Hope you noticed the glass of wine.  I didn't realise until I had posted the pic. He he!!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday layout

 It has been awhile since I worked on a layout and Sunday seemed the perfect time to start.  I followed one of Nic Howard's layout ideas and you really can't go wrong.
Just a few beautiful photos from our holiday in Bali earlier this year.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

woyww- playing with flowers

Playing around with watercolours no project in mind just having some creative play time.  Once all the flowers and background dry then I will over draw with a fine black pen and add some black and white highlights.

Also started a few gardening projects just repotting a few plants.  But, it started to rain and now that is on hold.   Just like the top project.

The final pic is of the orchid (it has a another name but can't think of it) it has been growing in a pot for 16 years.  It was in flower when I got it as a gift and it has taken 15 years to flower again!!! There are still 3 or 4 branches on the plant.  They should open over the next couple of weeks.  I loved the foliage so it never bothered me that it didn't flower!  Now I can see it was always worth keeping.  A little like the teenagers ... you just keep feeding, watering and talking to them and eventually they will bloom.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

woyww and the final canvas

A messy little desk today, pulling out bits and pieces trying to see if I can pull a card together quickly.  Trying to use the glimmer glass transparent overlays before I donate them to the next siblings group.  You might just be able to catch a peek of the October calendar page under the pile of papers.  Quite pleased that I have managed to keep up with Kate's calendar challenge.  Only two months to go!!!

A pic of the final canvas completed for the little ones birthday present.  Now that I have made two (slight variations on the same theme) for the little ones I am now packing up the butterfly stamps and moving on to something different.

I might have a snoop and see if anyone is running a swap or a challenge.  Actually all the swaps are a challenge but that is another story.  Off to snoop, "ooh and ahh" over what everyone else is creating at woyww.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Calendar pages

With spring well and truly here I have used pastel colours and a few paris stamps for the background.  I keep going back to the grid layout ....  it just feels right for a calendar.     Nothing terribly flash, just pleased I am keeping up and with the challenge.  Pop over to Kate's blog blog to see all the other wonderful pages.