Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Australia Day .... and woyww

Mixed feelings about celebrating Australia Day .... I do think about what we have done to the people, how we treat new people to Australia, what we have done to the land and finally how some behave after a day of celebration???   I tend to spend time crafting at home interrupted by taking the teenager to all her activities.   But, I will be making pavlova as requested by the whole family for desert this evening.  Finally what is on my desk?

WOYWW comes around so quickly and the whole addictive process starts again.   But I do have something to show working on the layouts for the queensland flood appeal.  Enjoy your day as I sneak a peek at everyones desk.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Red themed ATC

Currently working on the February red themed ATC swap hosted by Darkroom Door.   Almost finished the set and it is not even February.  But, I have made 2 extras (with some slight variation) to send to the first 2 people who comment on this posting.

Here is a pic if you are interested.

Ciara on the other hand will automatically get one because she was super helpful ... I now know how to link. Thanks Ciara, your instructions were so easy I managed it!!!  Ciara if you would like your thank you ATC please email me your address.  Thank you .... now to work out some of the other "thingys" on blogger.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WOYWW ... not much when your back at work

Not much on my desk .... and then the postman arrives with Amy's blue soul card.  I can see why she was hard to part with.  She is beautiful and ethereal and so blue.  Thank you ... thank you Amy.  

Thank you for all your kind comments and postings about the Queensland floods.  There comes a point when I just have to switch the TV off.   Seeing endless devastation was soul destroying.  But, there are also amazing things happening with the number of people who volunteered to help clean up the city of Brisbane and other areas. 

I am thinking of helping in a different (crafty) way. A group of crafters are putting together memory pages and cards which will be distributed to families affected by the floods.  I did a number of LO a couple of years back after the Victorian bushfires.  You can go to html://risingwatersqueensland.blogspot.com  to see what it is all about.  (I will one day work out this link thing??)

Only other object on my desk is my very late christmas present that finally arrived..... a Kindle.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Having been glued to the TV watching the floods in Queensland and northern NSW (so tragic to see such devastation)  I have to admit .... not a lot is on my desk.  CK mag that I was thumbing through to try to get some ideas for a friend's baby layout.  A couple of ATC resting on a border punch.  A piece of cardstock that I splattered with alcohol inks and then painted over with glimmer glam.  That piece of cardstock is heading for the bin...... I have a 3 product rule i.e. if still a mess after 3 products/techniques then just bin it or give it to kitty to chew.  With this piece I might have to make it a 2 product rule.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people in Queensland and northern NSW who are flood affected.  It is just so devastating and sad to watch what is happening.  A picture for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere who may not be aware of the what is happening in our part of the world.  The flood affected areas in Queensland cover 2/3 of the state that is a hugh land mass.

This is a picture of Ipswich with over 3,000 homes and businesses flooded.  Back to getting news updates ....

Monday, January 10, 2011

4 easy steps to crayon resist

I know there are lots of tutorials on youtube showing how to do a crayon resist technique. But, Amy did ask so how could I say no.
Step 1 - stamp image on cardstock using waterproof/smudge proof ink.

Step 2 - using a white wax crayon draw over areas you want to stay white.  I highlighted the edges of the butterfly and some of the lines.  Brush off any little bits of wax.

Step 3 - start colouring image using water based inks and foam dabbers/applicators.  You can now see the bits I have highlighted using the wax crayon ....  it resists the ink and leaves the area white.  

Step 4 - Finished ATC

A really quick and easy stamping technique.  Lots of different ways to do it on you tube so all credits to the youtube postings. But this is my way ...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Crayon resist atc

Almost finished the crayon resist ATC for the darkroom door swap.  I actually liked doing a technique themed swap this time around.

 If you go to rachel's blog    http://www.rachelgreig.typepad.com/darkroomdoor/ you can find details of her swaps and cards using her stamps.  The more I look at the pic the more I think I should add some beading to the ribbon???  Ummmm I think I have to add some beading, the ribbon looks very tacked on the end.  Why is it tacked on?  Because the stamp is not the right size for an atc but, I didn't think to measure before i stuck it down!!

Also a card made using the sample atc.  I generally make a sample so that I can play around before I decide what to do.  If it turns out half decent then it becomes a card otherwise straight in the bin.  Sometimes kitty has a good chew before it lands  in the bin so nothing is ever wasted.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

woyww in 2011

I'm still on holidays which means lots of time spent at my desk in the company of glue/ink/paint and stamps and here is a peek.

Still working on the 2011 art journal calendar, trying to do lots of backgrounds so that I will be able to keep up through the year! It sounds sooo simple while your on holidays.  Today I took a different view of my desk and some of the pics on my wall.  A collection of small bits and pieces in the typesetters draw and my fave pics and roadside art from our trip to Vietnam. Just have to do something about the poor lighting...Every photo I take looks like I work in a dark hole.

 Enough rambling if you want to have a global snoop of other desks check out the very cool and so funny blog that started my addiction to woyww or what the teenager calls global stalking:   stamping-ground.blogspot.com.  Here's a pic of the 1.11.11.

relaxing into 2011

Kitty has the right idea she is relaxing into 2011.  Not rushing just taking her time, having a snooze when it suits, a little snack and then another snooze.

I am relaxing in a different way.  Have started a whole bunch of projects including atc's and a first for me by joining in on the 2011 art journal calendar.  If you are curious check out  http://thekathrynwheel.blogspot.com/ for some wonderful calendar art journals that were created in 2010.  Such a great idea of catching snippets of what you did through the year.  

  So far have done several backgrounds for different months and started January.  Will do a post pic shortly.  For now just enjoying adding some stamps and just seeing how it evolves.