Tuesday, February 28, 2012

woyww - art journal page

The plain water colour page has now turned into a busy art journal page.  Which is really a collection of random thoughts, random stamps, stencils and rub ons.

I am trying Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's online class "30 days in your journal".  She suggests setting a time limit of 10 minutes so that you don't over think.  Well that suits me fine because I have discovered that the mere suggestion of putting my thoughts to paper  rendered me almost comatose. Discovering I have very little to say in an art journal was a light bulb moment, considering I am a bit of a chatter.  Asking the teenager to help me got the response "no one's interested".  So that was that and I moved on ....

A final ATC just using papers and a darkroom door photobooth pic. No involved techniques or verbose thoughts.

Off to visit Julia's world of stalking desks ... in a nice way. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

woyww - faffing around with glass bead gel

Now "faffing around"  probably has no place in the english language.   But, it sums up the amount of time I have wasted playing with all different bits and pieces in the craft cupboard and the mumbled curse words I used while I put the latest effort in the bin.  The end result was a very plain water coloured page in the art journal plus a trip to the closest craft/sewing/hobby shop to buy products.  Two little stamps on the right side of the desk are the result of that trip.

 Plus I discovered glass bead gel medium and had to get a tub.  Made 2 ATC's with the medium which 
was applied to postage stamps. The effect is really interesting.   Then I made a "faux" distressed background added some twigs, leaves and then went overboard with more glass beads.  Stopped adding things because it was Wednesday otherwise I would still be "faffing around".

Highlight of the week was receiving the most gorgeous Tea themed ATC's that were sent to be by the wonderful Tracey Fletcher King.  I posted pics on a previous post but they are so gorgeous I am posting again.

So all in all an interesting week with a couple of postage stamps covered in glass bead gel and the most beautiful gift from Trace.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beautiful A Tea C's swap

The most beautiful package from Tracey was waiting for me when I came home from work.  I was so excited I didn't even get a pic of the lovely package as I tore it apart ...oops.  I have been visiting Tracey Fletcher King's  wonderful blog for awhile.  Her blog posts always make me laugh with her life/ work perspective and she also drinks tea.

 So being a crafter who loves to laugh and drinks tea it was only natural to ask if she would like a mini tea themed swap.    The lovely Trace said yes and she has sent me the most wonderful atc's.  
How lucky am I?  
But, there was still more ...
  It has been an absolute delight to receive such gorgeous artwork from Trace.  Just saying "thank you" really isn't enough to express how thrilled I am with the beautiful tea themes atc's, notebook and card.

So I have to say... grazie, doh je, tak, merci, toda, danke, da blu, and ookini....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

woyww - butterflies and text ... again you say.

I have to admit to loving butterflies and they always find their way into a lot of my projects.  I also noticed that I use script or text when I am working with butterflies.  No logic or reason they just seem to go together for me.   I wonder what other woyww find themselves using again and again.  

So just for a change I made another ATC accordian book.
Yep, when I make something I like I just keep doing it.  Finally an ATC where I tried out the hammered chipboard technique.  Then I noticed I had used the butterfly and text background again.
I really need to get out a bit more.
I'm off to see what other woyww's have on their desk.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

woyww - watch findings and a book

What is on my desk this Wednesday? Well an odd collection of things a few mechanical watch bits, several old hat pins, stamps from a package and an old book.   I am on a journey to make an altered book (my first) and I cannot wait to start.    Elizabeth is going to show us how and as I have never done one from scratch so I am keen to learn.  
I found these wonderful watch bits in a small junk yard along a  NSW country road.  Yes, I made DH stop and wait while I rummaged through boxes of junk (aka vintage goodness) to find these, a few hat pins and old books.  Only a crafter would understand the need to rummage through junk, because you have decided to make an altered book, rather than sit in a cafe. 

Another ATC .... this time just playing with a metallic painted background.

Come join in the WOYWW fun and show us what you have on your desk.