Tuesday, March 27, 2012

woyww-flowers and music

A sad wednesday for our family as we organise a memorial service for my father-in-law. A wonderful musician who devoted his life to teaching and playing.
We will never forget the wonderful cooking and the numerous outings with the grandkids.  

I will visit woyww over the week and thank you Julia for my badge which arrived today and yes, it did make me smile. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

woyww - not a lot

Not a lot on my desk this wednesday.  A few photos from our holiday in San Francisco that I am planning on scrapping.  The corner of the art journal page which was really just a spray mist and drip effect.

Finally the small canvas for the teenager.  Yep ... approval given for the heart shape.  Then she tells me she would prefer it on paper rather than a canvas.  My reply .... unblogable.

Off to see the wonderful world of woyww.  Hope to visit lots of desks this week.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

woyww- monochromatic projects

A close up of my altered book well on its way to having a niche.  Cut, glued and clamped within an inch of its life.  My  new but old TH stamps.  I had been wondering if I could find a use and really needed them and then I saw them on sale and thought why not.  Haven't even opened the pack yet and no idea how I will use them.   But, I just have a feeling that you need a "hand, eye/test and fly" or your stamp collection is not complete.
Also working on a small canvas.  Which is now on hold, waiting for the teenager to confirm on the heart shape idea.  I could die waiting....

Lastly an ATC with the crayon resist technique, distress inks and a butterfly stamp.  Woyww has started  so I had better link up to Julia's amazing round the world desk peeking.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

woyww - journal page version 2

Not a lot has changed since last week ... still working on the art journal.  The big blank space on the right is sitting waiting for inspiration to strike.  Thanks to all the tips on journalling last week I can now just focus on doing the page and not over thinking about writing.  Eventually I will come up with something that I can put in that space.

Finally another ATC and obviously the theme of this week is "splats and sprays"and not a butterfly in sight.
alcohol inks on acetate over a stamped image.

Off to visit Julia's woyww but probably to early to link up.  I will slowly get around to visiting lots of desks over the week and getting inspired by other peoples desks.