Tuesday, January 27, 2015

woyww - book cards and fish

Very early post for woyww but I won't be able to link up until late so it will be a late post?
 Here is my desk and other random stuff that spent some time on my desk this week.
Another attempt at book binding.
This time glueing the papers to the spine and  you can see it drying at the back of the desk.  I will probably leave it for a few days to dry fully.  While waiting I have started selecting papers to use as "Back endpapers" for the book.  It has been interesting learning all the terms for parts of a book.

I have also been making a few cards using the Altenew Poppy stamp. Purchased last year and only used once.  Fairly quick cards which I have embossed then painted with glimmermist and a few splashes.  

Last week it was a wee pig and this week I have finished a fish from a picture in DH's fish magazine.  Nothing endearing about this little monster.
  No connection between any of these projects except that I am trying really hard not to buy products!!!!  which has made me dig into the craft cupboard and use my stash.  But, it is so hard not to buy stuff online.  Truly, I have caught myself several times doing a google search for something I saw on a woyww's desk and nearly purchased it without a second thought.  At this rate I should have emptied the cupboard by mid year.
 Have a lovely woyww.  


  1. He may not be endearing, but he is a handsome fellow!

    And the cards are lovely, of course. (I haven't linked up my woyww post yet, it's still very Tuesday here, but your post came up in my feed, and so happy woyww early to you!)


  2. Hi Sandra, That's a nice technique with the H20s! And, wow, your fish is VERY impressive! (Please, do you know what sort it is?) I am doing, (once again), the same as you ... and that is, trying desperately not to buy anything, although having said that, I am waiting on a very small order from Craftonline, which includes a 4 pack of Gelatos. I've put off buying any of these up til now. At least I didn't go straight for the mega pack of every colour :) And I've ordered one sheet of Tack n Peel, which, if successful, will do away with the need to ever mess around with that sticky EZ mount :)
    And, once again, oddly enough, we are on the same wave length. I've been fiddling around with book signatures. Quite enjoy that, actually :)

  3. I just doing my usual blog dash while my little munchkins are happily occupied.
    Love those cards and you've done a fab job of the fish even though he's maybe not the prettiest fish in the pond 😃
    Annie x. #23

  4. Perhaps we should keep an inventory of what (or if) we buy anything, and why :)

  5. I love the way you painted the fish! I'd really like to learn to pain like that! Lovely cards too - I especially like the green one! What you said about googling something you saw on somebody's desk and then buying it without a second thought made me laugh! That's exactly what I do! I'm trying so hard to break this habit. Now I just put it on my wish list and if I still want it a month from now, I might think about it. It's so easy to get carried away! I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this! Thanks for visiting earlier! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle

  6. Wow, the fish is fabulous, I wish I could paint like that. The thank you cards are very pretty too.

    Horace @ no.46

  7. Well done on the self-control!! I've been good too, but I'm only biding my time til my favorite companies have their CHA stuff available, lol! Until then, like you, I'm digging through what I already have to play with. Lord knows, I already have enough for several lifetimes!! Gorgeous cards and fish!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #5

  8. I love that poppy stamp! Oh no...I must resist...do not look it up and order it...nooooo! The fish is awesome by the way :) I made some silly looking fish this week doing a intuitive painting page (its on my blog if you want to giggle) ..they can be fun! Shel#55

  9. I love your poppy cards, especially those beautiful shades of red on the top one, and the splatters on the green one. The fish is beautifully painted although not the cutest of fishies is he - he looks a bit grumpy! I so know what you mean about trying not to buy new stash - I've been picking items at random out of my stash and I'm not allowed to put them away until I've used them in a project - I've found all sorts of mediums and pastes that I had forgotten I had! Have fun and good luck with the stash busting!

  10. Well done for not weakening, Sandra. It's hard isn't it. I have bookmarked loads lately for another time but haven't given in either.....yet!!!!
    Love your poppies, the effect you've created is beautiful. Not sure about your fishy. You've painted him beautifully but he doesn't look the most handsome of chappies does he? Wonder what he's like with chips??
    Hope you are having a good week. No WOYWW from me today but back next week. BTW the snow is falling here!! Think of us while you are sitting in the sunshine.
    Hugs Lisax

  11. Love the poppies, Sandra. Well done for resisting the temptation. Hard, though, isn't it?
    Take care. God bless
    Margaret #33

  12. Book binding is one of those things that seems easy but isn't!! I'm impressed that you're having a go. And well done on your stash busting..I am trying very hard but keep getting waylaid!
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  13. You aren't alone...WOYWW is the worst for 'enabling' a need for stuff! so remember, every little click away from the temptation is a triumph on the road to an emptier cupboard!! The poppies are such an lovely image, love the way you've treated them.

  14. Well, your colouring is lovely. Both on the poppies and on the fish who is a handsome fella really. Love how you painted the green poppy - what are the white lines from that surround the images please.
    Hugs, Neet 1 (with a very sore finger preventing her typing properly)

  15. Glad to see your camera is fixed. Love the cards and I have never made a proper book, must be fun! Love the fish. Thanks for the visit to my desk already. #8

  16. I admire your courage to not purchase, I also find myself purchasing and really need to use what I have. I found some stamps that I had been eye-ing off to only discover they were already in my collection not cataloged yet. I like your fish you have talent.

    Thanks for visiting already,
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  17. Hi Sandra, love those cards. You echoed my sentiments about the disgraceful ease of internet shopping, lol. You clearly have more willpower than me. But I'm not being helped by my Beloved Hubby keep telling me to treat myself! As if encouragement to spend on craft stuff is needed,lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #13 xx

    1. Oh Shaz, I so understand about hubbies wanting to spoil one! I have no willpower whatsoever when it comes to internet shopping either...


  18. Sandra, your art is simply stunning... Such beautiful cards with the subtle colouring - they don't look stamped at all, and I love the watercolour effect, and the spattering too. As for your fish, well that took my breath away! It's beautiful!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, and I can't tell you how much your prayers mean to me. So many people around the world are praying, and I feel so uplifted by them all. Thank you also for your kind words about my embroidery - so glad you like it. I am certainly enjoying doing it, and finding it therapeutic as I navigate my way through this limbo period waiting for tests and results.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #48

  19. Gorgeous poppy and love the fish pic. I am trying hard to use up some of the stash I already have otherwise I may need expanding walls Lol! Happy crafting, Angela x

  20. Ah yes, the never-ending quest to use up the stash we have. But now that you've read my WOYWW post you know we "need" that stuff so hubby can use it to find a new wife after we've passed on. I like your fishy picture and find him rather endearing. Fish are peaceful and just do their fishy thing. Great poppy cards, such different loots with different inks. Judy

  21. Your projects are wonderful that fish is awesome. I think it is a good idea, not always buy new stuff as it is not the material that does the painting, it is the person using it.
    Gabriele 44

  22. Your cards are lovely I'm drawn to the green card. That fish looks awesome love the muted colours. Thanks for visiting my blog Anita #42

  23. Well done you for sticking to your resolution not to buy anything new!
    Those cards are gorgeous! I love the embossed contours. Very effective. Plus that it's a beautiful stamp. I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of that.
    And your fish is amazing!
    Thank you for visiting some days ago now. Sorry that i haven't been able to do much visiting. We've had terrible storms for days and consequently power and internet were down for a few days. We're up and running again and I'm trying to catch up.
    Have a good week,