Wednesday, July 24, 2013

woyww- wild seeds

A late photo of my desk with one of the watercolours I have been doing after watching a youtube segment on  "loose style watercolours". I watched it a few times then thought I can do that!  So far not too bad... but I have been known to ruin a painting with a few too many brushstrokes.  The canvas from last week has been set aside as I try to work out if I can print an old pic onto canvas.  Which is how I got side tracked by youtube and started painting.  It all started with the cat pic on my desk and I thought I have never painted the cat.  Watched a couple of youtube videos and then got out a couple of photos of the cat and tried to paint her.
Quite pleased with the end result although her nose and eyes are not perfect.  But really pleased I now have a pic of the cat.  Nothing like the lounging cat  photo on my desk but she is much easier to paint as an upright lump.  So that is my woyww for this week and I am going to try to visit lots of desks over the next couple of days.


  1. Amazing watercolours, love the flowers. BJ#71

  2. WOW! Both paintings at fabulous! Isn't You Tube a great resource?
    Have a great week,
    Krisha #22

  3. I love the cat he is orange like my cat and his nose and eyes are perfect, he really is wonderful and the best of the two pictures but I am bias to orange cats. LOL I do love the flowers too, but not as much as the cat. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 55

  4. Great watercolour art, looks like you have your medium sussed. Love the cat.

    Lynda #1

  5. Really lovely paintings. You have got the knack of water colours.
    A x # 8

  6. Happy WOYWW!

    Well done on the painting, what a great start! The cat looks lovely so do the flowers.

    Cazzy x #97

  7. The cat is lovely & you've captured the shading of its fur so well . Big well done on your painting. Happy woyww Jill #63

  8. love the seed head painting, and your cat painting is brilliant - cats are HARD to draw/paint, esp. if they're looking over their shoulder!! lovely, lovely work, sandra :)
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 60

  9. What awesome work with your lovely cat!! The flowers are beautiful, too! Loved checking out your desk this Wednesday!!

    Lynn #67

  10. Oh, these water colours are lovely! Your cat looks exactly like my Daisy! She would love her portrait done! I must catch that Youtube and give it a go! Happy WOYWW! Julie Ann x #17

  11. Wow! I love your watercolors!!!! Just gorgeous! Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting!
    Carol N #18

  12. Loving both of your gorgeous watercolors. Your cat is just fabulous! Happy WOYWW! Danie #72

  13. Hi Sandra
    I take my hat off to you for having the ability to paint. I love colour and can add colour to different things but I can not draw the image to start with. Your two paintings are wonderful
    Sending hugs on WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #44

  14. Wow that cat looks really different, what a unique picture
    Bridget #23

  15. Hi Sandra de
    Thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. So glad you like the necklace and ring :). OMG I so love how you paint. I really love the flowers and a cat! I so wish i could day ill hunt Youtube I think
    Annette In Oz #60

  16. Lovely work I especially like flower one. Thanks for visiting me. Anne x # 9

  17. Oh Sandra, love the cat painting and the flower one is lovely too! I have no illusions, I could watch a thousand YouTubes on painting and still not be able to do one!! Annette #17

  18. Love your watercolours! I think watercolour is the hardest edium to use and I so wish I could draw and paint! Your cat is lovely and you have made him slimmer and younger in your painting!!!! He will be pleased! Love the flowers too, perfect! Thanks for visiting my blog too! #85

  19. Your cat is awesome! So lifelike, and ginger cats are one of my favourite colours. Love all the bits & pieces I can see on your desk, especially the peacock feather. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #70 x

  20. Oh Em Gee, that wild seed painting is fabulous. What a talent!
    Love your ginger cat too, I think that is lovely and hope you are going to hang it somewhere in the house.
    Hugs and Thanks for visiting me earlier - Neet 44 xx

  21. Wow, these are fantastic. Those flowers are amazing and I spotted why I have trouble when playing with watercolours. I didn't know you were supposed to stick the paper down, that explains why I have the curly problems. Your cat is superb. I really must check out you tube. I'd definitely be putting both of those paintings up on the wall, just superb.
    Have a great week.
    Von #51, thanks for visiting already.

  22. Your watercolours are beautiful, Sandra. I particularly like the cat. You've really captured a very characteristic cat attitude and she looks so beautiful!

    Thank you for your lovely comment - the funny thing is, I don't mind the dust at all (it might be worse if we were actually living in it!) - it's symbolic of all the work being done and how lovely it will be when it's all complete. Sort of honourable scars, if you know what I mean! I'm going over again today and looking forward to seeing what's been done since Wednesday.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #112

  23. i think if she heard you describe her as an upright lump that you'd find she never sat up again!! our watercolours are just fab, typically you're being your own critic, but to my eye they look wonderful. love that these came about by distraction, makes me feel a whole lot better about my attention span!

  24. What a talented lady you are with those beautiful paintings. The cat may not be perfect, in your eyes, but it is just so good. I am sitting her at the moment watching our road totally blocked by two scaffold lorries, both here to collect my scaffolding. I bet I am popular with the neighbours. The dogs are not too keen either and have retreated behind the settee in the lounge, which is their safe place. Thank you for your visit this week, and have a great time with all your lovely painting. xx Maggie #38