Tuesday, July 30, 2013

woyww - kitty

My desk taken late on Tuesday night  has Kitty in a huff. Someone has left the laundry door closed so she can't put herself to bed and she has come demanding attention now!  Otherwise she drinks the water in the jars and chases things around my desk, jumps on my chair, swipes me on the head until I get the message.  Don't mess with this kitty.
Tried painting cone flowers but had trouble with water blooms.  All part of the learning process so I try not to get annoyed.
The finished painting of the seed heads which I had started last week.  That is all I have achieved on this woyww.  Looking forward to visiting a few desks this week.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

woyww- wild seeds

A late photo of my desk with one of the watercolours I have been doing after watching a youtube segment on  "loose style watercolours". I watched it a few times then thought I can do that!  So far not too bad... but I have been known to ruin a painting with a few too many brushstrokes.  The canvas from last week has been set aside as I try to work out if I can print an old pic onto canvas.  Which is how I got side tracked by youtube and started painting.  It all started with the cat pic on my desk and I thought I have never painted the cat.  Watched a couple of youtube videos and then got out a couple of photos of the cat and tried to paint her.
Quite pleased with the end result although her nose and eyes are not perfect.  But really pleased I now have a pic of the cat.  Nothing like the lounging cat  photo on my desk but she is much easier to paint as an upright lump.  So that is my woyww for this week and I am going to try to visit lots of desks over the next couple of days.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

woyww - canvas

The plan is to do a mixed media canvas using an old photo. I started by adding book pages and tissue paper as a background and  then painted a gesso wash to tone it all down.  What you see is a fairly clean desk with canvas and a bit of scrap paper towel just hanging around.  Hopefully it will develop over the next few days.  I also got some lovely mail from the UK.
Thank you Shaz for the lovely ATC which arrived at the end of last week.  Loved getting all the mail from woyww's and admiring all the different styles and techniques.

 Last and final pic is the orchid which is once again flowering on the deck.  Not the brightest of days but it is winter and rain was on its way.  Last year I posted a pic of the orchid and a lovely woyww had suggested I fertilize the plant for more flowers the following year.  OMGoodness it is true, this year 5 flowers!  Enjoy your week and I hope to slowly get around and visit lots of desks courtesy of the Julia.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

woyww - decorated tin

A photo taken of another decorated "Body Shop" tin.  I decorated the lid instead of gift wrapping and just wanted to keep it simple.  The gift of soaps and creams are inside but I still wanted to make a bit of an effort.  
I have also been working on a couple of ATC's made using the my new ledger stencil and bits and pieces I keep in the little box on my desk shelf.  You know the box where you keep stuff that might be useful.  Well now I am trying to make something rather than keeping random stuff because it grows at an alarming ragte.  I think the image of the woman might make a good ATC in the future but have not thought past glueing her to a piece of cardstock.   So there you have my wednesday desk not great works of art but definitely signs that I have been playing with glue.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

woyww- stuff and more stuff

Even I got a surprise when I took a pic of the desk.  Stuff and more stuff has arrived and been plonked on the desk.  On the left lovely crafty stuff from an online shop which is closing down and on the right cheap $2 craft stuff for DD to use when she babysits.  Which means I just buy more stuff so they don't use my stuff.
But I have managed to make a card using the Craft Stamper  freebie and the script stamp that I was looking for a month ago. Now I realise I have a thing for script stamps as it joined numerous other script stamps in my box.
The LO you have seen before when it was a canvas.  I had a Eureka moment and realised I could cut the canvas and turn it into a LO.  It makes perfect sense to me as I love doing workshops but not so happy to hang the end result on my walls.  The lovely tags on the LO are from RosA (thank you) and fitted perfectly.   Thanks to Julia I am now going to join woyww and see what you have all been doing since last week.