Wednesday, October 7, 2015

woyww - cuttlebug and a few pansies

Now my cuttlebug has not seen the light of day for at least one year!  Finally got around to using a couple of script dies bought online months ago. At the time I absolutely needed a "thank you and hello" die, once they arrived I didn't even open the package.  What is wrong with me?  But I did try my hand at botanical painting with these miniature pansies.

Billy Showell and Anna Mason are brilliant artists and I spotted a few of their you tube clips and before you know it I subscribed to a free tutorial.
I give all credit to these wonderful artists who also have the patience of Job.  I didn't even think to draw the flowers larger and after hours of painting I have 3 little flowers and a leaf.  
You live and learn.

Have a wonderful woyww week.  

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

woyww -layout

My desk this week has a scrapbook layout.  Unusual for me as I haven't played around with layouts for at least 10 months. But a friend died and I started looking at old photos and remembering all the things we did together.  So while I was in the mood I thought I better put it in a layout.  Funny seeing a photo of DH and me before children......looking relaxed, having fun and we both have lots of hair!! 

Please note the cup of Yorkshire tea on the right.  Lisa Craft Garden assures me it is the one and the same.
Have a creative woyww.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

woyww - wax and watercolours

Lots of pics this week showing bits and pieces that I have finished from online and face to face workshops.  RosA reminded me I had not posted pics. .. so here goes.
The leaf is the first attempt at an encaustic workshop.  Although it was a great learning experience I am too clumsy to work with hot wax, paints and pastels at the same time.  My first mistake was adding too much colour to the transferred leaf image.  Then I tried to scratch it off! which didn't work so I attacked it with a heat gun and melted all the wax with colours moving everywhere and burning off the shellac background.  In the end I walked away from the heat gun and started a second image.
Bird image transferred onto wax with a subtle application of pastels plus metal transfer onto the bark.  All a bit twee and not convinced shellac is that great a border.  But a good experience and I have an appreciation of the skills required for encaustic works.  
Completed pears  which I had started two weeks ago. Happy with these, especially the bottom of the pear on the right.  Looking forward to a leisurely hop around to peek at lots of woyww desks.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

woyww - sketchbook fruit and flowers

Not a lot changes on my desk from month to month. Fruit and flowers and flowers and fruit.

A birds eye view of a page in my sketchbook dated mid june.  I don't think I ever got around to posting a pic at the time.  Even the colours on my watercolour palette match.  

The final attempt at the magnolia I was painting last week.  I have learnt to keep a version of what I am working on in the sketchbook so that I have a record.  Always interesting looking back and seeing how skills and styles develop over time.

This week I will be starting a 4 week online sketchbook course with Liz Steel and I can't wait to start.  She is always inspiring and sketches teacups in minutes.  Hopefully I will have something to show next week.  
Have a great woyww peek.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

woyww - little gem magnolia on my desk

An early morning shot of my desk as I get ready to sketch a "Magnolia Grandiflora" aka Magnolia little gem or Southern Magnolia depending on which country you live in.  I think they are pretty much the same plant and always fun to paint. 
First attempt using far too bright colours to get a feel for the shape and shadows. Choice of yellow was completely wrong but still fun to paint.
Second attempt in a more traditional watercolour style.  Pleased with the end result and now considering doing a third attempt.  

Hope everyone is having a fun woyww.  I will get around to visit desks but these days it is a late post and a slow meander over the week. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

woyww - card making

A bird's eye view of the desk  showing some left over cardstock, watercolour paper, ink pad and new dies.  Had planned to use the dies for cards but started painting.  Then I used the little paintings to make cards.
My favourite "magnolia for you" Altenew stamp embossed and painted with glimmermists.

Trying out a painted wreath for a congrats card and finally ...
Have a great woyww.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

woyww - feathers and flowers

Nothing very exciting this week just some feathers and flowers in watercolour.  Painted them on the weekend and they are still on the computer after scanning the images.  Never got around to taking a pic of the desk.  

Simple yellow daisies, easily done after following Martha Lever's steps using an oriental brush.  Holding the brush at different angles means you get different shaped petals and leaves and then everything is outlined with an extra fine marker. 

Finally a few Lorikeet feathers which I had picked up on my walk. 
Off to visit woyww desks all over the globe.