Wednesday, April 8, 2015

woyww- box of metal and other things

An almost clean desk and a box of metal bits drying after a spray coat of gloss varnish.  I forgot to take a photo of the box I was decorating last week.  So this time I quickly took a snap of the new one I am playing with.  On the left is my little radio, getting on to 30 years old and still going strong.  The elastic band just keeps it all together.  

A close up of the lid,  heavily influenced by Finnabair.
 Rumour has it she may be back in Australia towards the end of the year..... Yay.  Seriously considering joining Facebook so that I can keep track of her class information. But the thought of Facebook puts an end to that idea.  I will rely on well informed scrappers to let me know when she is ready to take bookings. 

Finally a few lemons for my DH

and a chicken for no reason at all.

Have a lovely and creative woyww. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

woyww - metal bits

This week I actually have a photo of the desk and no pears near the desk!  What you see is a collection of metal bits and the small box I am decorating.  After all the bits and bobs have dried I will add some glimmer sprays and see how it all comes together.  

I promise this is the last William Bartlett pear I am showing on woyww.
I have promised DH I will move on to other fruits.  Possibly a lemon to capture the expression he keeps making.  
Have a lovely woyww and easter break.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

woyww - stuck on pears

No pic of the desk because it is a late post and really all I have been doing is painting pears.

Green knobbly pears.
Golden pears with a touch of script.
Pears with a touch of gold on the left and far too much gold on the right.

Over the week I plan to visit lots of desks and be  inspired to painting something different.
Have a lovely woyww.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

woyww - poppies and pears

Having finished one online workshop always means I am ready to start another one pretty quickly.  So what I have on my desk is the beginnings of my "pear-ology!" class with Martha Lever.  I really wanted to learn how to glaze and shade in watercolours and the topic of course is pears.  All good for me and you can see the stages of my pears in a workbook.
But I have also been painting Poppies and an Iris just because they are fun.
Have a lovely woyww, a late link up tonight as I am off to work.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

woyww - Beady eyed poultry

A birds eye view of my desk with 2 beady eyed friends painted in the journal I was binding a couple of weeks ago.

Let me introduce Rudi.
 As we don't have chickens in the backyard I use Google and waste time selecting an image that has a little personality.    While painting I could just imagine Rudi strutting around the hen house trying to impress silly chicks like Mabel.  
Mabel is a good example of when I fiddle with the watercolour and get grey muddy sections rather than clear colours.    But all fun I can just turn the page and start another picture.
Planning a slow peak at many woyww over the weekend.
Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

woyww - fruit and vege theme continue

A busy week with work and family commitments.  But I do have a couple of pics of the summer fruits I have been painting. Firstly the nectarines from my last post.
Mangoes growing in our back garden.  We have fourteen on our little tree DH is very proud of his crop.
Solo mango brought inside ready for the chop. Finally a bunch of spanish onions which I bought because they still had their stems and I thought they would look pretty in watercolours.
Pleased with how they have turned out.  Finding myself abandoning attempts at painting landscapes and now sticking with solid objects.   DH tells me it just reflects my country/farm upbringing and he is probably right as my next subject will be beady eyed chickens.  Which always bring a smile to my face.

Have a lovely woyww.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

woyww - cluttered desk in summer

Not often that I step back and take a more detailed photo of the desk and now I see why. Clutter.... I dream of a white desk with lots of space and everything in its place and then I get back to reality and just keep painting.  Trying my hand at capturing a couple of nectarines in watercolour.  Ooops.... will have to add a third nectarine to balance that picture.  

 Have started using my new art journal which I was binding last week.  The finished journal is made from folded Arches watercolour papers, bound and covered in scrapbook papers.  The finished size of the journal is an A4.  The last one I made was an A5.  Good to have variety and even better I did not buy anything to make the journal.  
Now for something completely different. A bunch of Corymbia "Summer Red", I love the smell and look of eucalyptus. 

Have a lovely woyww.