Tuesday, July 22, 2014

woyww- napkins as a distraction

Thank you to everyone who left great comments and personal thoughts on the topic of selling craft last week.  I learnt that most people generally give their craft away and very occasionally sell through word of mouth or local shops.   It doesn't appear that many or us are selling online and it certainly looks like if you do then prepare to market yourself via every social media site available.  Quite exhausting! and when would I find the time to do what I love.  This week my distraction is napkin art which is really decoupage using napkins.  I have a beautiful collection (thanks to RosA) and have been storing them waiting for inspiration.  Inspiration arrived in the form of special "napkin glue".  I had tried modge podge which some love but I was disappointed as it can be quite tacky in our climate.  So I have bought my special glue and will give it a go.   But I did do the exercise in continuous line drawing in SBS.   Got myself in a muddle with the pencil ending in the wrong position which captures my awkward hand eye co-ordination beautifully.  If you didn't notice I will point out that the loop in the bottom corner is pointing the wrong direction.
Have a lovely woyww.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

woyww - w/c sketch

This week my desk has a landscape watercolour sketch.  It was finished yesterday and left to dry on my desk.  I should be moving on to do my homework for  week 2 of "Sketchbook Skool" but, as it is self portraits not much is being done!!   Whenever I want to avoid something I just go off on a tangent/digress or procrastinate.  So today I am going to do all three and ask woyww a few questions.

 Do any woyww's sell craft online?  How easy is this to do? Would you recommend any sites such as etsy or do you just sell through your blog/ ebay.  I am just curious to see if anyone is actually selling the lovely stuff they make or giving it away.

Would love to hear what woyww's do with their craft and whether anyone has hit the big time.  By the time I get a few answers my class would of moved on to week 3 and I can get back to painting fruit rather than selfies.  Have a lovely woyww and promise to visit lots of desks over the week.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

woyww - crafty goodies

Spent a lovely day wandering around the Sydney Craft & Quilt fair and what you see on my desk are some of the goodies.  Topped up on items that I have run out of such as the double sided tape.   Found a nice gold embossing powder and then had to buy the pretty pale gold for variety. Also came across two new types of glue used for napkin collage on both fabric and paper.  Worth giving it a try as the demo was interesting and I have so many gorgeous napkins (thanks to the lovely RosA).    Also bought a stack of papers and the TH lattice stencil.  I rarely buy stacks of paper as I like variety but  scrapbooking these days is quick with minimal agonising over embellishments.  If I want to do something fancy I go to a class.  The birthday card was from a class where I learnt to shape flowers.  All in all a great day. Finally on the left is my practice sheet of watercolour roses.  The yellow rose was demonstrated by a work colleague who is super artistic and now I am trying to give it a go.

Flowers have been a theme this week and here is a pic of my Phalaenopsis orchid which lives in the kitchen.  Far more co-operative then kitty who never sits still if I am sketching or painting.
Have a lovely woyww and I plan to visit over the weekend.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

woyww - colour charts

Almost forgot to post for woyww and I can only say I got distracted by colour charts.  My new metal watercolour box arrived and I was playing with different pans of colour trying to work out which ones I like and how they fit into the box?  Of course I had to try out the free colour charts that came in the package and that lead to looking at pinterest and you tube to see what colours are popular and that became another distraction.  But I did learn that I manage better with a limited selection of colours.  If I have access to 50 colours I will use all 50.  The whole topic put kitty to sleep, so I better hurry up and post.

Have a lovely woyww and hope to visit lots of desks over the coming weekend.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

woyww - mail

 I have just been opening mail rather than crafting this week and that is always fun.  The atc from Lottie arrived and it is beautiful.  Love how she has got the two tones of shimmer on the daisy.

Followed by a gorgeous folding box card from Annette and she has a tutorial on her blog.
My next post came from RosA and she has used shiva paintsticks on her ATC to get the beautiful shimmer.
Finally the lovely Carole has sent me an envelope of goodies along with her rocking atc.
Now you can see why very little crafting has happened on my desk.  Too many goodies to admire and then I even forgot to link up on woyww.  Hopefully Julia will let me creep in at the end.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

woyww - tidy up

A clean desk and new storage containers all because of a spilled cup of tea.  Much happier now that I can see what I have in the containers at the back of my desk. Originally I used recycled cardboard boxes but the cup of tea sent them all into the recycle bin for good. No project today as the mail arrived.
3 lovely ATC's a "quilted hug" from Annie, a delish cake from Twiglet and 5 Candles from LLJ.  Thank you ladies they are very special.  They were all made by fabric loving woyww's who can do just about anything with needle and thread.

Final pic is of the lovely orchid that flowers for me without fail every year.
Hope to slowly visit lots of desks this week if all goes well with the link.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

woyww 5 years

Happy 5th Woyww anniversary to all the crafters who join in this week. 

My desk continues to get messy no matter what project I am working on. This week it is covered in splatters of paint, dirty water, paper towels and the odd note of  random information I get off the internet.  For some reason I need to make a note because it seemed so important at the time and then it gets lost or filed away.

But I did a quick clean up to take a pic of the lovely ATC's received from Eliza and Yoda, Voodoo Vixen and Krisha.
Thank you ladies they are stunning and now hold pride of place on my desk.
Happy Woyww.