Wednesday, January 18, 2017

woyww - painting set up

 Not much changes week to week at my desk so I thought I would show you a close up of my painting set up.  Plate, plastic water containers, paint tin and plate cover all purchased from the 2 dollar shop which means I can save my money for Daniel Smith w/c and really good w/c  paper.   I used to use up rolls of paper towel with every painting.  Now I only use a couple of sheets wrapped around a toilet roll which absorbs most of the moisture when I wipe the brush.  This means I only have to change the paper roll when it starts to look really bad.  I generally put out the w/c I am going to use around the plate  and mix the colours on the open space.  Leaving the unecessary colours in the tin (with the lid closed) stops me trying every colour in the one painting.  A fairly simple system that seems to be working for me.

Finally a big pic of the cupcake.  Really pleased how all the different textures turned out
Have a great woyww week.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

woyww - a cupcake and other things

Painting a delicious cupcake and I decided to leave out the bits of blueberry in the icing.

January's tutorial is a succulent and I can't wait to get started.

Repainted the cover of my faces sketchbook.  Much happier with this version.

Finally a pic of the two kookaburra's we were feeding while on holidays.
Back to work next week. 

Friday, December 30, 2016

Wishing you all a wonderful 2017

Enjoying the last day of the year painting faces.

She looks  a little forlorn as she says goodbye to 2016.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2017.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

woyww -a bee post christmas

Belated christmas greetings to all woyww's.  Hope your day was joyous and shared with family and friends. 

We started the day with a christmas service, then unwrapped gifts, ate lots of delicious food, drank champagne and shared the odd christmas cracker joke.  All very quiet in our little family and I am sure the routine was repeated all over the world.  Once upon a time I used to take a family pic but, the family flee when they see me with a camera.  So what we have is the tree.

The good part of a quiet christmas ... I finally finished painting the bee. 

 There was a painful moment when I thought about chucking the bee in the bin and to start painting a cupcake. 

 But, Anna Mason reminds us to push through the ugly duckling stage and keep going until you have a hairy bee.

 And this one was hairy.  

Wishing you all a very Happy 2017.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

woyww - card making

Finally making a few Xmas cards and using up lots of lovely snowflake die cuts from RosA.  Thanks so much RosA I have been hanging on to these until I had an idea.  Pinterest once again came to the rescue.

Happy with the end result for a couple of simple cards.  Have to move along and make a few more before Xmas is over.  

Have a lovely woyww visit.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

woyww- bee moved over for the French Bulldog

French Bulldog puppy has replaced the bee over the weekend.  Painted in watercolour and no background at this stage.  

The original image by Arielle Tissier found on Pinterest and it is beautiful with splashes of turquoise paint in the background .  My background has a smudge on the right of his paw.  A result of trying to add a watermark and a poor attempt to digitally erase.  I take a photo in poor light and yet the smudge is crystal clear.  Go figure.

The bee is coming along and not causing any problems at this stage.   Can't wait to see how Anna Mason tackles the hairs on this little fellow.  

Have a great woyww.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

woyww- Red Capped Robin

A bright and chirpy little robin.

A big thank you to ShazOZ for sending me the link for the Red-capped Robin (Petroica Goodenovii) native to Australia.

Pleased with the end result and now I am getting ready to paint a bee.

Slow visits to lots of desks over the weekend.