Wednesday, July 29, 2015

woyww - tulips

Happily painting tulips this week and really enjoying the process.  A very simple watercolour technique  that I had to try as it required an oriental brush.  Luckily I bought one last year in Vietnam (as you do when travelling around). After watching You Tube and following Martha Lever's steps I am set to go.  The photo was taken on the side to avoid my great big shadow..... don't want you to think I am painting in this position.

Have a great woyww and my plan is to have a peek at lots of desks.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

woyww - finished cards - almost

Finally popped the stamped images from last week on a couple of cards.  Planned to add a sentiment  but was unable to decide which sentiment.  Always have too many "thank you" cards when I need a "happy birthday" card so my inability to make a decision means lots of cards with no sentiments.

 I did eventually open my box of goodies which contained 2 bottles of glimmermist "Iridescent Gold"and a pad of watercolour paper.  Nothing terribly exciting. Lots of comments from woyww's who would not be able to leave the  box unopened.  Confession time....I am the type of person that can leave xmas presents under the tree, chocolates in a box, cake on a plate, gift cards in my wallet  and not be tempted.  But I drop everything to read a book and don't stop until "The end".  Now I am really curious to hear what little quirks other woyww's might have.
Have a lovely crafty week.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

woyww -card making

My wednesday desk shows stamped images that are drying in preparation for card making. The desk has not changed since Sunday when I had a burst of activity. The package on the left is craft goodies which  arrived on Tuesday and I have not even had a chance to open the box.  Nothing exciting this week but I will pop around and say hello and get inspiration from other woyww's.  

Have a great week.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

woyww - what is on my desk?

Tulips hopefully will appear at some point this week as I start to lay down a wash of colour.  You can see I am working from a pic I printed from the internet.  My printer was running low on ink so the colours are interesting.
Thank you Eliza and Robin for the wonderful ATC's and look at the gorgeous cards and envelopes they came in the postie thinks I am very special. 

Gorgeous goodies from RosA and her woyww ATC.  How lucky am I to not only meet up with a crafty friend but then get lots of wonderful craft goodies.
Have a lovely week and I promise to pop in and have a peek at lots of desks.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

woyww -flowers

A beautiful camellia from RosA has joined the birds eye view of my desk and influenced the Nose/rose coloured pear.  I am desperately trying to look like I am doing something other than painting pears this week.
A wonderful ATC has arrived from Diane in the US and it arrived with a beautiful card.  Thank you Diane they are stunning.  Being surrounded by all these lovely flowers may be the kick I need to start painting something different.
Have a lovely woyww.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

woyww - cards and ATC

Birds eye view of my desk with the wonderful ATC from Voodoo Vixen  (my swapee) and she has included a card and the most gorgeous little badge "the flower of Scotland - the Thistle".  A real treasure thank you Voodoo Vixen.  The other bits and pieces are left overs from a card making session.
Proof that I did actually make some cards.  Used a lovely set of stamps borrowed from RosA and very pleased with how these have turned out.  I always love the effect of embossing and glimmermists.
Have a lovely woyww.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

woyww - ATC mail

  I have been away for a week and look what was waiting on my desk .....wonderful ATC's from; Twiglet, Wipso, Lisa M, Nicki C, Mary Anne, Neets, Angela, LLJ and Shaz.   I get such a thrill to have a wonderful collection of ATC's and admire everyones techniques and skills.  From dumfing, sewing, stamping, coptic colouring, gelliprints, watercolours, embossing to pop up boxes.  All of them absolutely fabulous ...... thank you so much. 

A pic of the side view of the box I started a couple of weeks ago.   While I was away I tried my hand at veges with Tracey Fletcher King's online class "Delicious Paints". I nailed the asparagus and carrot  but, the beetroot/radish and cherry tomatoes are having an identity crisis. In the end I just have to move on and do something else.

Have a wonderful woyww and I plan to slowly pop round and have a peek at lots of desks.