Wednesday, April 27, 2016

woyww - pale rose

A close up of my latest "Anna Mason" online workshop -part 1 and 2 of the rose completed.  This means I have painted the absolute palest colours and the darkest colours.  Once those two are in place the rest is all about balancing tone.  Hard to believe I have used nearly every colour on my test sheet already.  Busy schedule this week so I may have to wait until the weekend before I start part 3.
That also means I will be slowly visiting desk over the next couple of days and into the weekend :(  
Have a great week. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

woyww - paint swatches

Not a lot of painting this week except for the odd paint swatches.  The exercise was useful as I found out exactly how many watercolours I own.   Also discovered that the latest "must have" w/c is similar to something I already own.  Hopefully I will look at the swatches before purchasing next time.  The other scary thing is the clutter on my desk.

Close up of those swatches .... quite pretty.  
I also printed out two copies of the w/c flowers. I might use them for  a special swap coming up in May??

Have a lovely woyww :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

woyww - paint set up

Not a lot to show this wednesday.  Just my paint set up which includes the Arches watercolour block resting on my easel, paints in a tin box, water and a fresh roll of paper towel. 

Anna Mason uses Winsor & Newton w/c paints but I stayed with Daniel Smith watercolour paints.  I can pretty much match the colours used by Anna Mason except for Holbein "Bright Violet" I was using a mix and eventually did a google search and bought the paint online.  What a surprise to find it was very different to what I had mixed up.  Generally only buying paints when I am running out.   Still using a $2 kids paint pan which came up a treat after a spray of enamel paint.  This way I can pull out the colours I need and arrange them on the china plate. 

Now what have I been painting?

The Ruby throated male humming bird and isn't he handsome?

 On Tuesday I finished the dissected fig.  Plan to paint another flower but too busy so far to do anything.  

Have a wonderful woyww and I hope there will be time over the weekend
to have a peek at lots of desks.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Iris x2 on a long weekend

The finished iris - "Arctic Fancy" pleased with the end result.  Of course I can see parts that are not quite right but as DH would say "not bad at all". 

 All credit to Anna Mason and her great tutorials.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

woyww - Iris in w/c

Once again trying my hand at Anna Mason tutorial - Iris "Arctic Fancy".  The original tutorial has one flower and I added second flower just to make it more interesting.  Struggling to get the right hue but, not really worried at this stage. If mine is a little more violet than blue I don't care as I am getting into such a muddle keeping to a light wash.  My natural tendency is to keep adding lots of paint and what I should do is leave it to dry before I paint the next wash.  Probably two thirds of the way through the tutorial and I am aiming to finish it by the easter weekend.  
Happy easter to everyone.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Painting birds of a feather

Sometimes you just have to paint something that makes you smile.    Poultry make me smile and this particular chicken has a look that says it all.  Don't mess with me! Painted quickly and helped along with a sea sponge for texture.  
The hummingbird on the other hand needed attention to detail and I am pleased I took the time.  I followed Anna Mason's online tutorial and the result makes me smile.  Learning from her tutorial has given me the confidence to paint two very different birds and find pleasure in both.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

woyww - Phalaenopsis II

Painting a similar Phalaenopsis to last week but this time a plain background.  Still needs another few layers to give the colour some depth and make it stand out.  Should get around to finishing it over the weekend.

Caught up with RosA for lunch today and came home with lovely die cuts and stamped images.  Thank you :)... always lovely to have lunch with a crafty/woyww friend.
Have a lovely week.